New program helps transfer credits apply toward bachelor’s degree.

Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC), a public school district at 5487 N. 99th Ave., in Glendale, and dedicated to career and technical education programs, is partnering with Arizona State University for a new program to help fast-truck students on their way to a bachelor’s degree.

Working in collaboration with the Maricopa County Community College District, the partnership will help high school students at West-MEC work toward a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. West-MEC’s career and technical education (CTE) students learn skills in programs such as veterinary science, automotive technology, fire science and welding. The students have the opportunity to earn dual enrollment high school and college credit from the Maricopa Community Colleges in tandem with earning their industry certifications at West-MEC.

Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Science degree from a Maricopa Community College, the new partnership will allow students to transfer and apply 60-75 credits toward their 120-credit Bachelor of Applied Science degree at ASU.

“Until now, the students who completed our CTE program did not have a clear path to transfer seamlessly to ASU. Now they do, and this is a game-changer,” West-MEC post-secondary partnerships manager Speranta Klees stated in a news release. “Through this program, our students who complete the CTE program will know they are valued, welcomed and wanted by ASU.”

Along the way, students will continue to build skills as they progress toward each credential, making them qualified for jobs in their chosen fields.

“ASU is committed to the success of our students,” ASU vice provost of academic alliance Cheryl Hyman stated. “We understand transfer students all have unique learning journeys and through our transfer tools and partnerships we enable all transfer students to have a connected pathway experience that will enable academic preparedness, college completion and career readiness.”